Zestment 2015-16 EOFY Party

To celebrate the end of the 2015-2016 financial year and a beginning of a new year, ZESTMENT has held a ZESTMENT End of Financial Year Party on 8 July.


We have invited a number of professionals and clients in the real estate industry. Our Business Development Manager Matthew has analized the Australian real estate market. With a economical and political factors happening in Australia, Matthew has predicted the furture trends in the Australian real estate market.

Business Development Manager Matthew Rosie of ZESTMENT








If you are interested in knowing more about ZESTMENT's events and real estate properties in South Australia, please feel free to contact us.

ZestChef Cooking Competition

《ZesfChef Cooking Competition

ZestChef Cooking Competition organised by ZESTMENT GroupiAge CreativeiAge Media and AuDream.


No matter if you are a professional cook,

Or just a cook of your family.

Everyone can join this competition!

12 sets of Miele cooking equipment are ready to fire up!


After 5 days of voting, the WeChat page of

ZestChef Cooking Competition has hit a record high, over 9600 browsers, 1370 shared the post, and 4281 people have voted.

The followings are the Top 9 of this competition:




And this, was how we have spent our night at ZestChef...



Snacks provided by Zestment Group before the competition


This shows how Zestment always takes extra attention to detail


Out host for the night from AuDream


And our beautiful host Bella


The BLUE and the ORANGE team will compete for the title of the Winning Team and the Winner of ZestChef




The Orange Team begins after their self introduction



Our chef is serious about cooking


Look at those B-E-A-utiful prawns!


Altough Johnny is cooking at the back of the kitchen, you can still smell the aroma of his deep fried fish everywhere.




It's Blue Team's SHOW TIME!


A 3-tier braised food







Bring in the food!


Our judges are voting for their favourite dish





This is not the end of the competition...

We have invited a special guest to do 2 cooking demonstrations for us.

He is a cook. He is an accountant. He is also the founder of AuDream.

Look at those succulent lamb racks



You can tell from our judges' faces - yum yum!



Clean plates!!


How about a dessert after the lamb?


Daughter watching Daddy plating for the dessert

Our prizes are ready! Who's the lucky person tonight?


The BLUE team has won the team challenge. Award presented by the Director of Zestment Group - Sam Lin


The ORANGE team also receive participation prizes


And of course, lucky draw prizes for our audiences


The Champion of the 1st ZesfChef Competition is——Jun Gao

Congratulations to our ZestChef


Chefs of the competition.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!





This is the 2nd ZestArtist Drawing Competition held by Zestment. Let's see what we have done this year!

《The 2nd ZestArtist Drawing Competition

There are 2 stages for this year's competition

Stage 1 Topic:《My Adventure》

Stage 2 is a parent-child activity:《Imagineers》


The results for both stages were voted online through We Chat. The competitor who scores the highest total score in both stages wins the first 3D pen in the world - the 3Doodler Pen.

There are 2 groups in Stage 1 (Below 6 and Above 6) and 1 group for Stage 2.




The ZestArtist Drawing Competition Award Ceremony 2016 organised by Zestment was held on 4th of June at Pulteney Grammar School. We had a wonderful time together with more than 40 groups of families. Zestment had striven for excellence organising this event. Our hard work has paid off. We have collected a great number of artworks from little artists in Adelaide. Our adjudicators rate all artworks one by one and have found plenty of creative artworks.

We have invited many special guests for the ceremony.

Dancing teachers Sure and Jingjing from Sure Dancing Workshop to give dancing demonstrations. It was the first time for some of the little dancers to perform on stage!

Hong Kong Wushu International Championship Bajiquan and Nunchaku Champion Master Ye has demonstrated his Nunchaku wushu for us.

Lillian from Market Street Dental and Doctor Rabbit have taught us how to look after our teeth.

And never the less!!!! We have invited Jules and Daisy the Clown to do face painting and make balloons for our little artists.

Zestment Group and Real Estate has given out a lot of prizes and awards to our amazing little artists. They have all received a 3D pen, or a carrot recording pen from Zootopia.

Let's see what we have done this year!



◆Special thanks to dancing teachers Sure and Jingjing from Sure Dancing Workshop to give dancing demonstrations.


◆These little dancers did marvelous on their first on-stage performance!


◆Thank you Master Ye, the Champion of Hong Kong Wushu International Championship of Bajiquan and Nunchaku for demonstrating his Nunchaku wushu for us.

◆Thank you Dentist Lillian from Market Street Dental and Doctor Rabbit for teaching us how to look after our teeth.

◆Thank you drawing and painting teacher Han Na for giving drawing advises to our parents and little artists. 

◆Thank you Han Yan from XinAdelaide.com.au for being the Master of Ceremony for this event.

◆Thank you Daisy the Clown and Jules the face painter

◆And the huge inflatable slide to give extra entertainment for our artists.

And most importantly - the Award Ceremony!

The host of ZestArtist, ZESTMENT Group and Real Estate, has prepared a prize and a certificate for each of our participated artist.

Participation Award - 32 Participants
The prize is single 3D pen


Stage 1 <My Advernture> Top 3 for both age groups
The prize is multi-colour 3D pen

Stage 2 <Imagineers> Top 3

The prize is the carrot recording pen from <Zootopia>

The Chamption of the ZestArtist Competition belongs to Amy Ma.
Her prize is the world's first 3D pen——3Doodler
She is the champion of Stage 1 in the above 6 group as well. Well Done Amy!!

This is Amy Ma's artwork for Stage 2


Artworks from Stage 2 artists

1st Runner Up - Talia 刘楚瑶

2nd Runner Up - Patrick Deng


Congratulations to our wonderful artists, and thank you for all the comments the adjudicators have given.

Below are the comments we have received from this event:


Thank you for our four adjudicators.


Thank you for the demonstrations given by the following organisations.




Zestful Zestment Adelaide Seminar on 20 September 2015.

The event was a huge success. Over 200 guests turned up. Sam - a charming person with rich background of property investment and a director of Zestment, shared basic conceptual knowledge with the guests that came to the event with full Zest.

Prizes were drawn to the few lucky guests! Congratulations to the lucky guests!

Third prize (3) - prestige bottle of wine to each lucky guest.

Second prize (2) - one Microwave/Grill Oven 2 in 1 and one Pressure Cooker, each to one lucky guest.

Jackpot (1) - Samsung 50" smart TV!

More Zestful events are coming up. Keep your Zest with us!